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Over three decades, Superlative has developed and perfected a comprehensive sponsorship valuation process.

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Unparalleled Experience that Maximizes Valuation

Whether developing a capital budget for a new building or reselling Naming Rights, the value of sponsorship is continually changing.

Gone are the days of buying signage and some tickets. Today sponsorship is about developing unique and creative partnerships that drive brand value and generate maximum ROI.

With a 25 year track record of maximizing ROI, there are many reasons why brands and properties across the globe choose Superlative:

Valuation Process

Proven History of Maximizing Valuations

Our approach challenges the outmoded belief that sponsorships are primarily sold by intangibles. We speak the language sponsors speak, plain and simple.

Sponsorship Valuation Process

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, it’s important for sponsorship buyers to reevaluate programs, with a key focus on fulfillment, return on investment (ROI) and return on objectives (ROO).

Naming Rights Valuation Process

Superlative uses an impressions-based valuation methodology that employs real-world values that can be later justified in a sales pitch.

How We Maximize Valuation ROI

Unmatched Knowledge and Support

Superlative’s long history in the sponsorship valuation space has allowed it to develop a staff of seasoned experts with superior knowledge and industry relationships.

Combined with our proprietary tools, data and processes, this directly results in maximum ROI for our clients.

Target Consumer Profiling Process

Our outside perspective on your consumer audience provides invaluable information.

Proprietary Predictive Modeling Tools

Superlative’s proprietary forecasting tools predicts consumer trends.

Relationship Building & Support

Our team regularly serves as liaisons between the sponsor and property.

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Our Markets

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