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Nothing happens until someone sells something!

The breadth of our experience and relationships make the difference. Packaging assets and leveraging the market to create meaningful partnerships for our clients is what we do every day.

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From First Sale to Retainment and Renewal

At our core, we are passionate about developing meaningful and lasting Naming Rights and sponsorship partnerships. Our team of sales executives has more than $3 billion worth of experience closing sponsorships, large and small.

We are a full service sponsorship agency providing Total Campaign Management.


Unique Global Experience

Naming Rights, Pouring Rights, Sponsorships, Premium Seating and Licensing – Superlative has extensive experience developing, packaging, valuing and negotiating them all.

The best sponsorships turn into great partnerships. They deliver for all parties involved and ultimately it’s what we strive for every time.


Global experience covering the largest organizations to the smallest brands.

Naming Rights

From stadiums and arenas to airports and transit, we've worked on it all.

Premium Seating

Seasoned executives with decades of experience in sports and entertainment markets developing and selling Premium Experiences.

Our Sales Process

Sponsorship is Continually Changing

The Superlative Group approaches sponsorship sales as a complex, value driven process. We are always analyzing the constantly evolving shifts in consumer behavior, consumer intelligence, and technology.

Offering a personalized approach, we simultaneously evolve to assist our clients in connecting with the right sponsors, and sponsors with the right audiences.


Package ROI-Driving Assets

Identifying and creating an inventory of available assets and determining their Fair Market Value is the first step in the sales process. Once identified, the development of a sponsorship packages and a strategic sales plan follows.


Identify Qualified Prospects

Our sales team will then establish a list of corporate prospects by leveraging our existing contacts, likely partners and companies unique to the specific situation. Our executives constantly analyze the ever-changing shifts in consumer behavior, industry intelligence and latest technological advances to help your property connect sponsors with the right opportunity and target audience.


Asset and Term Negotiation

As prospects evolve into likely partners, assets and packages will be adjusted and customized to deliver on specific partnership marketing objectives. Superlative leads through the development of term sheets and agreements.


Announcement and Implementation

Navigating the process of announcing partnerships can be complex. The process of bringing a partnership to life through Year 1 is critical to its long term success. Superlative's experience in both areas will prove to be a valuable asset to both client and sponsor.

Who We Work With

Uniting Premier Brands and Properties Since 1994


Our Markets

Global Experience that Makes a Difference