Naming Rights Valuation Process

Superlative has rare and unique naming rights-specific valuation process that has successfully maximized values globally.

Superlative uses an impressions-based valuation methodology that employs real-world values that can be later justified in a sales pitch.

Our approach challenges the outmoded belief that sponsorships are primarily sold by intangibles. We speak the language sponsors speak, plain and simple.

Our Process


Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative benefits represent return on investment that partners can expect to receive from sponsorship. These typically include measurable benefits like

  • broadcast exposure
  • media spend
  • signage
  • marketing collateral
  • social & digital media exposure
  • display opportunities
  • hospitality.

Superlative values these assets by applying a blended CPM to weighted impressions generated from each exposure opportunity.


Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative benefits enhance quantitative sponsorship value and justify premium investment over other marketing or advertising opportunities.

Superlative classifies intangible benefits into five distinct categories:

  • prestige of property
  • value of audience
  • opportunity to activate
  • partner protection
  • geographic reach.

Contract & Policy Analysis

During each valuation project, Superlative conducts a thorough review of existing obligations, including:

  • advertising
  • sponsorship
  • signage obligations

This step identifies any limitations on pricing and fulfillment obligations.


Proprietary Industry Benchmarking

Superlative maintains an extensive database of Naming Rights and sponsorship contracts for all major sectors including:

  • Professional Sports
  • Municipalities
  • Universities
  • Transit Agencies
  • Non-profit  Organizations.

We compile a list of executed agreements for similar opportunities including the contract term, associated fees and other pertinent details to validate our findings.


Prospect Identification

As a final step, we leverage our extensive background in the sponsorship industry to outline prospective partners for each sponsorship opportunity.

In our experience, optimum revenue generation can only be realized through a comprehensive understanding of how sponsorship inventory aligns with the needs of potential partners.

How We Maximize Valuation ROI

Target Consumer Profiling Process

We help you evaluate and define your target consumer profiles. Our outside perspective on your consumer audience provides invaluable information.

We compile survey responses, use metrics from social media profiles and activity, and leverage our proprietary data collection and forecasting tools to compile our analysis.

This audit provides crucial insight to allow us to properly index the sponsored property within each target consumer segment.

Proprietary Predictive Modeling Tools

Superlative’s proprietary predictive modeling tool predicts consumer trends.

Our proprietary sponsorship valuation methodology assigns true values to your programs, positioning you for the maximum potential returns on your investments.

Our method also identifies critical components that form the basis for future decision-making, negotiation and activation of sponsorship programs over the long-term. Superlative prides itself on being proactive, not reactive.

Relationship Building

Building relationships is critical in our line of work. Our team regularly serves as liaisons between the sponsor and property, identifying and writing agreements that generate in wins for both sides.

We’re also readily available to operate as a behind-the-scenes negotiator, supporting your own staff.

Building deep connections across dynamic channels is why Superlative excels in the formation and sustaining of successful partnerships.

Who We Work With

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