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Whether developing a capital budget for a new building or reselling Naming Rights, the value of sponsorship is continually changing.

Gone are the days of buying signage and some tickets. Today sponsorship is about developing unique and creative partnerships that drive brand value and generate maximum ROI.

With a 25 year track record of maximizing ROI, there are many reasons why brands and properties across the globe choose Superlative:

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    Sponsorship Valuation Process

    In a rapidly evolving marketplace, it’s important for sponsorship buyers to reevaluate programs, with a key focus on fulfillment, return on investment (ROI) and return on objectives (ROO).

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    How Superlative Can Help Maximize Your Sponsorship Valuation

    Superlative’s outside perspective on your attending audience, visitors, and other consumers is invaluable.

    We leverage survey responses, social media metrics, and our proprietary forecasting and data collection tools.

    These analytics provide crucial insight into who your audience really is and what they truly want. We then target prospects that will meet that demand and add to the audience’s experience.

    Your immediate needs are critically important. However, what about long-term?

    When we carefully and accurately identify your audience and consumer patterns, we can secure multi-year commitments designed to capitalize on those behaviors.

    At Superlative Group, we pride ourselves on being proactive, not reactive.

    Building a story is important, for both sponsors and for your consumers.

    Simply putting up signage and logos is no longer a sufficient method to connect with today’s sophisticated audiences. Building a deeper connection across dynamic channels is critical to successful partnerships.

    This is where Superlative excels.

    Trust The Superlative Group to maximize your sponsorship valuation.

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