The value of sponsorship is continually changing.

Gone are the days of buying signage and some tickets. Today sponsorship is about developing unique and creative partnerships that drive brand value and generate maximum ROI.

Over the past two decades, Superlative has developed a comprehensive sponsorship valuation process. Our team of analytics executives consider impressions, traffic, attendance, marketing & exposure, local marketing rates, benchmarks and more – ultimately arriving at fair market value. Our process is more than a numbers exercise. The cross pollination of our sales and valuation executives allows for the ultimate market validation. If you aren’t in the trenches selling sponsorships every day, how do you know what the market will bear?

Whether developing a capital budget for a new building or reselling Naming Rights, the unparalleled depth included in the Superlative valuation process will prove to be an instrumental tool when justifying the value of any partnership.


Nothing happens until someone sells something.

At our core, we are extremely focused on selling Naming Rights and sponsorships. Our team of sales executives has more than $2 billion worth of experience closing sponsorships, large and small. Our Total Campaign Management includes planning, prospecting, negotiating, contracting and auditing. Give us the keys and we’ll take it from here.

Naming Rights, Pouring Rights, Sponsorships, Premium Seating and Licensing – our firm has extensive experience selling them all. The best sponsorships turn into great partnerships. They deliver for everyone involved and ultimately its what we strive for every time.


University preferred partnership program

Preferred Partnership Programs on college and university campuses have never delivered more value to partners, institutions and students as they do today.

Superlative is a leader throughout the U.S., Ireland, United Kingdom and Europe in the development of meaningful, revenue-driven, university-wide programs with business partners across Higher Education institutions. The identification of non-athletic driven opportunities to generate new revenue streams, the leveraging of corporate relationships, the creation of valuable brand alignments and access to key internships and job segments are some of the most important goals of a successful Higher Education Preferred Partnership Program.


Our team of experienced consultants are equipped to serve in a variety of roles.

Need help understanding the perspective from the other seats at the table? Seeing around that next corner? Visualizing the next play before it happens?

Superlative has been recognized as an industry leader in consulting clients through the development of internal sponsorship programs. Our team will help establish the program management tools necessary to ensure success, including marketing and sales presentations, sample contracts, ongoing relationship auditing and more.

Over the past two decades, we’ve consulted corporate clients through evaluating, buying and investing in new sponsorships, renegotiating current agreements and renewing existing relationships. Each step in the evolution of a sponsorship is critical to ensure maximum ROI and alignment with your brand.

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