• Intellectual Property Valuation and Sales

    We've spent years developing the now-industry standard valuation of intellectual property and public and private use infrastructure. Find out how we can help you value and raise significant revenue from your property.

  • Venue Marketing

    We’re sports and entertainment professionals at The Superlative Group. But above all else, we’re salespeople. We’ll help you develop and/or package your event or venue, ensure its appeal to corporations seeking relationship marketing efforts and then sell it through for you. We can also provide complete turnkey sales and marketing operations customized to meet your needs

  • Municipal Marketing

    Public entities have plenty of questions when they want to sell sponsorships or naming rights to a property, event or venue. What constitutes a highly marketable property? What are marketers looking for in a municipal relationship? What is your property, event or venue actually worth to the business community?

  • Capital Campaign Strategy and Execution

    Contact us to find out how we can assist your organization, from research to contract, in raising revenue for projects.

  • Property Consulting

    Do you hold the intellectual property rights for a professional sports team, entertainment venue or special event? Or perhaps you represent a university or institution. Let us help you discover whether you’re sitting on more revenue potential than you know. Then we’ll help you leverage and maximize your return on it. We have extensive experience working with both American and International clients.

  • Departments of Transportation

    Superlative was recently named the Naming Rights and sponsorship consultant for the Ohio Department of Transportation. This is in addition to countless transit agencies which Superlative represents, such as: Greater Cleveland RTA, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Los Angeles County MTA, and San Diego MTS. Contact us to see what revenue-raising services we can provide to your agency.

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The Superlative Group adds value to your marketing efforts through promotional partnerships with events, places, and personalities. See how Superlative can benefit your organization through increased revenue and exposure.


At The Superlative Group, our goal is to create and manage unique marketing and sales programs designed to increase revenue and positively impact your audience. We will show you how your organization can take advantage of exciting and extraordinary marketing opportunities through our comprehensive array of services.



The Superlative Group is all about creating and enhancing unique marketing and sales programs to increase revenue and develop positive, impactful impressions with your audience.