When it comes to sponsorship valuation, auditing, and contract negotiation, Superlative rises above the rest.

Sponsorship Valuation

Evaluate. Reevaluate. Fulfill. Repeat.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, it’s important for sponsorship buyers to reevaluate programs, with a key focus on fulfillment, return on investment (ROI) and return on objectives (ROO).


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Superlative’s Proprietary Approach to Sponsorship Valuation


We apply our proprietary valuation methodology to value your programs, ROI, and ROO, and other critical components that form the basis for future decision-making, negotiation and activation of sponsorship programs. This sponsorship valuation service can be applied to existing agreements and submissions for new sponsorship opportunities.


During the audit process, we determine the Fair Market Value of benefits provided through each sponsorship agreement and make strategic recommendations for maximizing partnership value and other downstream revenue opportunities.


We also work with each client to identify their target consumer profile(s) and how the sponsored property indexes within each segment.


Once our sponsorship valuation analysis is complete, our sales team serves as liaison between sponsor and property to ensure that sponsorships contracts complement each other, work toward common goals and generate positive return for both organizations. We are comfortable in a variety of negotiating roles from lead negotiator to ‘backroom’ support.



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Brands that Trust Superlative Group for Their Sponsorship Valuation

Superlative is the sponsorship industry leader, raising over $2.2 Billion in revenue since 1994. Below are some of the top global brands that count on Superlative Group for their sponsorship valuation.

sponsorship valuation superlative group U.S. Marine Corps
sponsorship valuation superlative group California State University System
sponsorship valuation superlative group Ohio Department of Transportation
sponsorship valuation superlative group San Diego Symphony
sponsorship valuation superlative group HoustonFirst
sponsorship valuation superlative group Port of Miami
sponsorship valuation superlative group University of Reading

How Superlative Can Help Establish Your Maximum Sponsorship Valuation ROI

We help you evaluate and define your target consumer profiles.

Superlative’s outside perspective on your consumer audience provides invaluable information. We compile survey responses, use metrics from social media profiles and activity, and leverage our proprietary data collection and forecasting tools to compile our analysis. This audit provides crucial insight to allow us to properly index the sponsored property within each target consumer segment.

Superlative’s proprietary predictive modeling tool predicts consumer trends.

Our proprietary sponsorship valuation methodology assigns true values to your programs, positioning you for the maximum potential returns on your investments. Our method also identifies critical components that form the basis for future decision-making, negotiation and activation of sponsorship programs over the long-term. Superlative prides itself on being proactive, not reactive.

We forge bonds between your objectives, partner goals, and consumers’ needs.

Building relationships is critical in our line of work. Our team regularly serves as liaisons between the sponsor and property, identifying and writing agreements that generate in wins for both sides. We’re also readily available to operate as a behind-the-scenes negotiator, supporting your own staff. Building deep connections across dynamic channels is why Superlative excels in the formation and sustaining of successful partnerships.

When we create value for your partners, we create value for you.

Let Superlative Group realize your maximum sponsorship valuation potential.


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Sponsorship valuation is an ever-changing, ever-evolving space that can be nearly impossible to navigate unless you’re spending your time in the space day-in and day-out. At The Superlative Group, sponsorship and naming rights are all we do, so we’re constantly staying on top of these changes, advancements, and complexities. The Superlative Group is here to help you navigate those complexities while maximizing value for all parties involved.


Since 1994, The Superlative Group has been one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and successful sponsorship firms in the world. Our team is equipped to serve you in a variety of roles.


For nearly three decades, Superlative has consulted corporate clients through sponsorship valuation, sponsorship sales, naming rights negotiations, new program investment, and renegotiations of existing and expiring agreements. Every individual at Superlative Group is fully dedicated and focused on our clients primary goals, helping to maximizing revenues your ROI in alignment with your brand.


Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, The Superlative Group has offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dublin, London, and Toronto.