On the surface, sponsorship sales is simply the acquisition of paying partners for your event, facility, or assets.
In practice, sponsorship and the sales process a little more complex.

Sponsorship Sales Today

The value of sponsorship is continually changing.

The Superlative Group approaches sponsorship sales as a complex, value driven process. We are always analyzing the constantly evolving shifts in consumer behavior, consumer intelligence, and technology, and we simultaneously evolve to offer a personalized approach to assist our clients in connecting with the right sponsors, and sponsors with the right audiences.


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Superlative builds an inventory of available assets for each of your opportunities and then determines their Fair Market Value. Our approach is to always market the most saleable opportunities first.


Reputation is everything in this business. As the industry leader in generating new revenues through naming rights and sponsorship sales, we put our corporate relationships to work for you. Our executives leverage existing contacts to target in-person meetings, starting with C-suite executives.


Our sales team then uses the asset list to establish a “hot list” of corporate prospects. Our executives constantly analyze the ever-changing shifts in consumer behavior, industry intelligence and latest technological advances to help your property connect sponsors with the right opportunity and target audience.


Superlative’s real work begins with an executed agreement. We will consult with your team throughout the fulfillment and activation process, from budgeting to logo placement and design. We also provide a comprehensive fulfillment report that highlights the success of your sponsorship campaign, while using demonstrated results to work toward renewals with your new partners.



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Brands that Trust Superlative Group for Their Sponsorship Sales

Superlative is the sponsorship industry leader, raising over $2.2 Billion in guaranteed revenue since 1994. Below are some of the prestigious brands that entrust their sponsorship sales to Superlative:

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How Superlative Can Help Drive and Grow Your Sponsorship Sales Revenue

We help you better understand your audience.

Superlative provides an outside perspective on your attendees, visitors and other consumers by leveraging survey responses, social media metrics and our proprietary data collection tools. These analytics provide valuable insight into what your audience truly wants from a partnership. We then target prospects that will meet that demand and add to the audience’s experience.

We use predictive modeling to identify future industry trends.

Your immediate needs are important, but what about the long-term? When we collectively identify audience and consumer patterns, we can secure sustainable, multi-year commitments that capitalize on those behaviors. We are proactive, not reactive.

We create synergies between your objectives, partner goals and audience needs.

Building a story is important, for both sponsors and your consumers. Signage and logos are no longer sufficient to connect with sophisticated audiences. Building a deeper connection across dynamic channels is critical to successful partnerships.


When we create value for your partners, we create value for you.

Trust Superlative Group to drive your sponsorship sales.


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Sponsorship is evolving daily and at The Superlative Group, we’re leading the way. Naming Rights are continually advancing in both value and complexity. Corporate Sponsorships are also driving new benefits every day. Keeping up with these rapid evolutions and the growth and pace of technology can be a challenging space to navigate. The Superlative Group is here to help navigate those complexities while maximizing value for all parties involved. Since 1994, The Superlative Group has been one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and successful sponsorship analytics and sales firms in the world.


Our highly experienced consulting team is equipped to serve in a variety of roles.


For over two decades, we’ve consulted corporate clients through sponsorship valuation, sponsorship sales, sponsorship investments in new programs, and in the renegotiations of current agreements and renewals of existing relationships. Superlative’s dedication and focus on our clients, in addition to decades of experience in Naming Rights, sponsorship and advertising sales, will be an invaluable asset in maximizing revenues. Each step in the evolution of a sponsorship is critical to ensure maximum ROI and alignment with your brand.


Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, The Superlative Group has offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dublin, London, and Toronto.