Collier County Hires Firm to Sell Naming Rights

About This Project

Shakespeare famously asked, “What’s in a name?”
A lot of money, apparently.
Collier County commissioners on Tuesday approved a contract for $150,000 — an amount that could grow significantly over five years — with the Superlative Group of Cleveland to market naming rights for county facilities.
The initial emphasis will be on selling the naming rights to the new amateur sports complex being built off Collier Boulevard near Interstate 75.
But Superlative’s work could extend to other county properties as well.
As part of its contract, Superlative will look at county assets and recommend which ones might be attractive to sponsors. It will attempt to quantify the value of those sponsorships and present them to interested companies.
If successful, the company will collect a 15 percent commission in addition to the initial contract amount of $150,000. The contract is for five years.
Topping the list of potentially attractive assets is the amateur sports complex. In an earlier incarnation, when the sports complex was envisioned as a spring training home for the Atlanta Braves, county staff estimated naming rights could bring in $300,000 annually. The figure would likely be lower without a high-profile tenant like the Braves, but naming rights still could generate significant revenue, county staff believe.
“The process of naming rights has been an accepted way to generate funding for various types of facilities for many years,” Collier tourism director Jack Wert said.
“Sports complexes and municipal holdings are well-documented examples of the power of naming rights to generate large sums of funding for 10 or more years at a time,” he said.
Wert said more than one element of the sports complex may garner naming rights revenue. For instance, the main field and stadium may have one sponsor, the multi-purpose fields another, the scoreboards another and the beverage rights another.
“We think it will be a number of companies involved,” Wert said. “That seems to be the trend.”
He expects information to begin firming up in about six months but that it could be two years before rights are finalized.
“It’s a lengthy process,” Wert said.
The sports complex is expected to open in a little more than a year.
Superlative will look at other county assets for potential sponsorships, Wert said. The Sun N’ Fun Lagoon water park in North Naples is one example.