Our naming rights valuation process involves a methodical, five-step approach that helps identify your true valuation with a measurable ROI.

Naming Rights Valuation

The Superlative Group approach

Superlative uses an impressions-based valuation methodology that employs real-world values that can be later justified in a sales pitch. Our approach challenges the outmoded belief that sponsorships are primarily sold by intangibles. We speak the language sponsors speak, plain and simple.


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The Superlative
Naming Rights Valuation Process


Quantitative benefits represent return on investment that partners can expect to receive from sponsorship. These typically include measurable benefits like broadcast exposure, media spend, signage, marketing collateral, social & digital media exposure, display opportunities and hospitality. Superlative values these assets by applying a blended CPM to weighted impressions generated from each exposure opportunity.


Qualitative benefits enhance quantitative sponsorship value and justify premium investment over other marketing or advertising opportunities. Superlative classifies intangible benefits into five distinct categories: prestige of property, value of audience, opportunity to activate, partner protection and geographic reach.


Superlative conducts a thorough review of existing advertising, sponsorship and signage obligations during each valuation project to identify any limitations on pricing and fulfilment obligations.


Superlative maintains an extensive database of Naming Rights and sponsorship contracts for all major sectors including professional sports, municipalities, universities, transit agencies and nonprofit organizations. We compile a list of executed agreements for similar opportunities including the contract term, associated fees and other pertinent details to validate our findings.


As a final step, we leverage our extensive background in the sponsorship industry to outline prospective partners for each sponsorship opportunity. In our experience, optimum revenue generation can only be realized through a comprehensive understanding of how sponsorship inventory aligns with the needs of potential partners.



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Brands That Entrust Their Naming Rights Valuation to Superlative Group

Superlative is the sponsorship industry leader, raising over $2.2 Billion in guaranteed revenue since 1994. Below are some of the prestigious brands that rely on Superlative Group for their naming rights valuation.

naming rights valuation Superlative Group American Airlines Arena
naming rights valuation Superlative Group Chicago Transit Authority
naming rights valuation Superlative Group St. Paul Saints
naming rights valuation Superlative Group Minnesota United
naming rights valuation Superlative Group Cline Avenue Bridge
naming rights valuation Superlative Group SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
naming rights valuation Superlative Group Los Angeles County MTA

How Superlative Can Help Maximize Your Naming Rights Valuation

We help you understand your audience even more than you already do.

Superlative’s outside perspective on your attending audience, visitors, and other consumers is invaluable. We leverage survey responses, social media metrics, and our proprietary forecasting and data collection tools. These analytics provide crucial insight into who your audience really is and what they truly want. We then target prospects that will meet that demand and add to the audience’s experience.

Our predictive modeling helps identify future industry trends.

Your immediate needs are critically important. However, what about long-term? When we carefully and accurately identify your audience and consumer patterns, we can secure multi-year commitments designed to capitalize on those behaviors. At Superlative Group, we pride ourselves on being proactive, not reactive.

We create synergies between your objectives, your partner goals, and your audience needs.

Building a story is important, for both sponsors and for your consumers. Simply putting up signage and logos is no longer a sufficient method to connect with today’s sophisticated audiences. Building a deeper connection across dynamic channels is critical to successful partnerships. This is where Superlative excels.

When we create value for your partners, we create value for you.

Trust Superlative Group to maximize your naming rights valuation.


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Now more than ever, naming rights are evolving and advancing in both value and complexity. Corporate sponsorships are also driving new benefits every day. Keeping up with these daily evolutions and the rapid pace of technological advancements can be a challenging and very time-consuming space to navigate. The Superlative Group is here to help navigate these advances. Since 1994, The Superlative Group has been one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and successful sponsorship and naming rights analytics firms in the world.


Our industry-best consulting team is prepared to serve you in a variety of roles.


For over two decades, we’ve consulted corporate clients through naming rights sales and naming rights valuation, sponsorship, investments in new programs, and in the renegotiations of current agreements, plus the renewal of existing relationships. Each member of Superlative Group is fully dedicated and focused on our clients. Our team’s decades of experience in naming rights, sponsorship, and advertising sales, are proven an invaluable asset in maximizing revenues for our clients time and time again and we maintain our focus to maximize your ROI in alignment with your brand.


Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, The Superlative Group has offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dublin, London, and Toronto.